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Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

Nestled in Mt. Airy, Maryland is a haven for retired draft horses:  Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.  Two thousand viable horses are shipped to slaughter auctions every week in this country.  Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue helps to defray this massive, horrible waste by taking in unwanted drafts and draft crosses.  They're marvelous.  Learn more about their efforts by visiting their website.  Click on their logo in the sidebar to the right.

The Laminitis Trust

Britain's own Laminitis Trust has been working to end this dreadful disease since 1998.  With their dedication and research into the role of diet in the development of laminitis, great strides are being made in preventing laminitis altogether, as well as improving the quality of life for horses who have it.  They're also doing wonderful work with Cushing's Disease.  Learn more about laminitis by visiting Their website is very basic, but their work is tireless.  Click on their logo in the sidebar to the right to go directly to their donations page.

The Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN is a 2,700 acre piece of Heaven for elephants.  Captive elephants often endure confinement, abuse, and isolation from other elephants.  Here, they have a sprawling natural habitat, love, and the chance to live out their remaining years with the dignity and care they so richly deserve.   

Their website has three webcams where you can see the elephants thriving and happy.  I'm warning you, it's addicintg!  :)  

Here's a screenshot from the Q Habitat on their Elecam page.  They also have a great YouTube channel here:

Click on the logo in the sidebar to the right to go directly to their donations page.  You can also get really nifty merchandise as well.  Have fun supporting these magnificent creatures.  :)

Don't Bully Us Pit Bull Rescue

I love, love, LOVE Pit Bulls.  Always have.  They're wonderful dogs, and I hope that more and more people afford themselves the opportunity to get to know the true nature of these beautiful and oft misunderstood dogs.

Everyone knows the best way to help out a rescue is to foster and/or adopt (sometimes a.k.a. "foster failure."  Lol!)

Don't Bully Us rescues Pit Bulls and other bully breeds, and serves the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas.  If you can't foster or adopt, but still want to help, they're always looking for fellow volunteers.  Also, monetary donations and donations in kind never hurt.  :)   Click on their logo in the sidebar to the right to go directly to their PayPal donations page!

Visit their website here:

And check out their Facebook page here:

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